Terms & Conditions

  • The user must provide correct, complete and current data for the required information.
  • The user undertakes to pay for the products purchased through the electronic app, and to comply with the available payment method chosen by the user.
  • It is permissible to cancel anyone's registration without giving reasons.
  • The user is responsible for the evaluation of the products on the electronic application (if available) and in accordance with the laws and public morals, and ABAQ has right to delete any comment or withhold part of it without giving reasons.
  • Communicate with customer service by email info@abaq.com
  • All content contained in the e-app is within the property of ABAQ and its partners, including logos, images, trademarks and software, and, in the event, Fragrant and its partners retain all intellectual property rights.
  • Images used in perfumes, incense and oud considered to be approximate images of the product.
  • Any part of the "App", reproducing, republishing, uploading, advertising, transmitting, or distributing any part of the App may not be copied, reproduced, uploaded, advertised, transmitted, or distributed in any way without prior written consent from ABAQ, unless it is for viewing purposes. This prohibition also includes framing any parts of the App or unauthorized link on the App.
  • Other than fraud or intentional error, you shall not bear any damages due to the use of the application or its consequences, whether due to negligence or non-fulfilment of a legal duty or violation of these terms of use, or damage due to a work or technical malfunction, whether the damage is a loss or loss of profits or loss of user data or information, and whether the damage is material or moral directly or indirectly, even if the possibility of such damage is notified.
  • Fragrant will do its best to provide services to customers satisfactorily and effectively, however the user relieves fragrant from the responsibility for any harm caused directly or indirectly by:

Delays or interruptions in the provision of services.

Viruses or other malware that infect spoofs or fragrant devices or users.

There are unintended errors in sales, payment or delivery services, or their inaccuracy.

  • These terms and conditions, in addition to those contained in the electronic application or invoice or indicated by ABAQ means of communication, represent the agreement between the parties regarding the subject of the use of the electronic application and the may entail purchases and so on, and the name of any previous communications or statements, written or oral, except excluded by Fragrant in written and explicit.
  • Modifications to the terms and conditions can be made by any time, and all users have access to them via the electronic application, and will be bound from the date of publication or the date specified for publication, and only ABAQ may make any modification to these terms of use or make any addition, that the user continues to use the electronic application after the publication of the modifications is approved by ABAQ.
  • In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, no party is responsible for loss, damage, delay or failure to fulfil an obligation as a result of this circumstance if it is outside the control of any of the parties.
  • A waiver of any of the provisions contained in the terms of use or any other provisions shall not be a waiver of any of the other provisions (similar or non-similar), and in a single case the waiver shall not be a continuing waiver of the same similar cases, unless expressly and in writing provided by ABAQ. These terms of use, any of the relevant non-contractual rights or duties, and processes resulting from use (such as purchases, delivery, etc.), are subject and all are subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UAE.
  • If there is any dispute or dispute over the use of the electronic application or the resulting processes (such as purchases, delivery, etc.) resolved by friendly means, and the customer service team will do everything in their power to satisfy the user, and in the event of the failure of friendly methods to reach a satisfactory solution, judicial arbitration in the UAE is the only way to resolve the dispute.
  • Provisions that are stated to remain in force or that by their very nature require it to be (e.g. the duty to save data), remain valid after the termination of use or the cancellation of the user's registration.